Saturday, 9 July 2011

Prohibition during the War

To the editor of the South Wales Argus:

"...In response to an advertisement in the Argus I attended a conference on prohibition at the Temperance Hall, Saturday afternoon and felt pleased at the number present who were alive to the fact that that something should immediately be done...
At present we have partial prohibition and the necessary machinery set up for compensation. Then why not go further and obtain total prohibition and rid the land, at any rate during the war, of a canker that is steadily but surely sapping our manhood and threatening the wheels of progress. Far more women frequent the public houses than during peace time and the flagon trade has been most flourishing. What a terrible effect this must have ultimately on the young and rising generation, Heaven only knows. Last year there was an increase of £19,000,000 spent on alcohol over preceding years and I understand this year is following in it's train...
Newport, July 2, 1916"

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